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  • After you are admitted to the College, you should receive an email within 3-5 business days that contains your ctcLink ID number.
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Please allow extra time during peak periods. We recommend that new students apply with enough time to complete all of the steps within our New Student Checklist and be ready for open registration. Upcoming quarter applications are prioritized so please expect applications for later quarters to take additional time to process.

Returning Students

If you last attended Shoreline in 2016 or later, you do not need to reapply for admission.

  • Visit the Former Students page to update your information, find your ctcLink ID number, and learn when you can register for classes
  • View the Class Schedule for the current schedule of classes

If you last attended Shoreline before 2016, you must reapply for admission.

Students who plan to study in the US on a student visa or who are already in the US on a student visa and wish to transfer their I-20 to Shoreline, are considered International Students.

Visit International Education to view your Steps to Apply and get personalized application assistance.

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The following programs require additional admission applications or approvals.


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