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starts September 27, 2023

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starts January 8, 2024

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On-Campus Housing
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On-Campus Housing

Small Class Sizes
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Small Class Sizes

Over 20 Years of Online Learning
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Over 20 Years of Online Learning

Close to Seattle
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Close to Seattle

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75% of students get help with tuition, fees, food, housing, and transportation

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This campus is super diverse and there are so many people and experiences you can engage with.
student Maleah WoodleyMaleah Woodley
Class of 2018
I remember coming here for the first time and specifically seeing the Trans Day of Remembrance and Black Lives Matter art installation and knowing there was a community here that would have my back.
student Azeb TujiAzeb Tuji
Class of 2017
Don’t be afraid of help. If you feel like you need counseling or something then you are right and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. Go to office hours as often as possible, even if it’s just to say hi. And last but not least don’t give up. No matter what, keep pushing.
student Travis TribbleTravis Tribble
Class of 2020

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